Katja Rogelj

Katja Rogelj

Katja Rogelj

Dream. Learn. Live. Inspire.

My parents say I was like Mercury growing up. I was always excited to stick my nose everywhere, to try anything that looked adventurous and to explore places I haven't discovered before.

I was dreaming of being an athlete -- any, as long as I could be in nature and see the world. Quite a nightmare for my parents, who had their academic hopes up for a child who just got a scholarship for having one of the top 10% of brains in the country, although I think it was just a slow season. But I believed my parents when they said I could become whatever I wanted if I worked hard for it.

I chose Sport University, which was the end of my parents' dream and the start of my own, academically, professionally and personally. I loved every minute of my studies and worked to put my knowledge into practice and pave the way for my future career. I created a popular gross motor skill learning through games leisure program for children from one to six years of age, and lead it for six years. During that time I obtained new sports certifications and taught children downhill and cross-country skiing, roller skating, and swimming, and guided hiking trips for summer camps. Then I experienced my first canyoning adventure in Sušec. I was scared of heights, thus running on adrenaline and was captivated by the beauty of Soča Valley. I told the guide I wanted his job and to live where he lived, and got the “it's not for women, little lady” look in return. I understood that it would be tough road, and started developing my outdoor adventure knowledge. I finished the School of Alpinism, and just when I was recognized as a Junior Alpinist at the Alpine Club in Kranj I got a full-time permanent contract as a fitness manager, personal fitness coach and group workout instructor, before graduating from university. I felt like a mountain goat in captivity.

The next year I befriended some Czech guides and completed the course to be a canyoning guide in the Czech Republic, obtained the white-water rescue certificate in Slovenia, quit my job and moved to Bovec. In the following years I learned Czech, was guiding in Slovenia, Spain and French Corsica. Later I participated in making the licensed program for Canyoning Guides at the Slovenian Canyoning Federation and became a canyoning Instructor. In 2014 I got a sponsorship visa as a Senior Canyoning Guide in New Zealand, and Bestard mountain boots sponsored my canyoning footwear, and I also wrote a few articles about canyoning published in Sokol magazine.  

While living my dream to the fullest I ended up on crutches, in rehab, and couldn't keep up with snails. It was the perfect opportunity to feel the connections with the amazing people who I respect, admire and look up to – my family, surgeon, business partners, amazing colleagues, students and guests.  It's them who helped me get back on my feet.

The past two years I was recovering from my knee reconstructions, and this experience deepened my understanding  of beginners, led me to be more committed to providing enjoyable and safe adventures, and to being more passionate about canyoning, mountain biking, ski mountaineering, nature and people than ever before. I became a white water rescue instructor at the Administration of the Republic Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, educating professional and volunteer firemen, and participated in the Škocjan Cave Rock event  – and event to clean up canyons – and with Soča River Friends I organized the Soča River Revival  2018, and annual clean up event, and then decided to challenge myself with a new mission – helping travellers making their dream adventure come true by starting my own canyoning business in Bovec.

I used the spirit of Mercury that had always been in me to bring to the world KATA Adventures, an outdoor adventure and travel agency, specializing in unique and enjoyable adventures in the Julian Alps, Slovenia. Now it’s time for your adventure!

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