Diana Morena

Diana Morena

Born in Barcelona in 1995, I studied media (Film, Television, Radio and Journalism) in University but I ended up working in marketing in my hometown. The first time I visited Slovenia, I had no idea about the impact this country would have in my life. Actually, you could say I was brought here by destiny, if you believe in it. It was my second year backpacking solo and while I was in Vienna, I met a lot of fellow travellers who told me how amazing their time in Slovenia was, and how they wish they could go there again. Since this country was not on my plans, I listened to them as you hear some fairytales: eyes wide-open and a smile on your face, but deep down you know you will not see that. However, all changed when I friend of mine (whom I met on the previous solo trip and I hadn't seen in a year) told me he was in Ljubljana.

Being totally honest, I didn't think about it a lot and I changed all my plans. I lost some money because of last-minute cancellations and booked a new ticket to Slovenia. As it usually happens when it comes to life-changing moments, as I jumped into the bus I was not aware of the importance of that instant in my life. Since the moment the bus departed, my life wouldn't be the same. I fell in love with Slovenia, with the nature, the landscapes and its way of life. The best days of my trip happened here, and after I came back home, I couldn't stop thinking about coming back.

Every day at my job I thought about changing something in my life, and after I decided to quit, the next step was obvious to me: moving to Ljubljana. I volunteered in a hostel for a month and a half, I left for two months to travel around the world and now I'm back to live my dream and start a new life in Slovenia.

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