Meet the People

17 Jan 2018, 18:04 PM

The woman behind the one-stop travel blog showing Slovenia to the world. 

10 Jan 2018, 16:58 PM

It’s the 1920s and you are a rising movie star. Don’t get married! 

10 Jan 2018, 13:02 PM

Talking with people from Bosnia, Ethiopia, Ghana, China, India, Japan, Iraq, Palestine, Zimbabwe, and Kyrgizia who have made Slovenia their home

27 Dec 2017, 19:11 PM

People run when they are 70 or 100, so why should I ever stop? 

22 Dec 2017, 08:41 AM

The personal development facilitator talks about her journey. 

15 Dec 2017, 12:02 PM

Creating a third way for theatre in Ljubljana, and delivering books by bike. 

14 Dec 2017, 12:01 PM

The protean star who still sells out arenas. 

09 Dec 2017, 18:13 PM

The name behind the face. 

08 Dec 2017, 17:22 PM

The experience of starting a real estate business in the country. 

29 Nov 2017, 13:16 PM

Succesfully creating a home away from home.

24 Nov 2017, 11:23 AM

Never tired of exploring Slovenia and its magificent ecosystem.

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