A Farewell to Winter, One Hopes

By , 23 Mar 2018, 09:35 AM Photo of the Month
20/03/2018 Otliško okno, Slovenia 20/03/2018 Otliško okno, Slovenia Nada Šinigoj‎

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It's time to move on. 

March 23, 2018

This week’s image comes from the lens of another amateur photographer, Nada Šinigoj‎, who captured this scene on March 20 at Otliško okno, or the Otlica Natural Window. As noted on the official website for the area, this can be seen as part of a hike that will “take you on a tour of some of the best views of the Vipava Valley, the Karst Plateau, and the Adriatic Sea”.

As we go into the last two days before the clocks change, and the big Planica weekend, we hope it’s time to put away our winter clothes and habits, enter the new season with new life and energy, and that all you photographers will be out there with your cameras, looking for beauty to share.

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