Spring is Coming

By , 09 Mar 2018, 08:33 AM Photo of the Month
Spring is Coming Sabina Bajramovič

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Some colour now the snow is melting.

March 9. 2018

This week’s shot, taken somewhere in Gorenjska, aka Upper Carniola, is titled “Poletni travnik, nasejan s travniško mešanico cvetja”, or “Summer meadow, planted with a mixture of flowers”, and was shared by Sabina Bajramovič‎. We’re not entirely sure when it was taken, but are willing to believe, or at least hope, it was in the last few days, as the snows are finally melting, the evenings becoming lighter and more lively, and Slovenia is waking up to new life and the new season.

So as we think about packing away our gloves, hats and scarves we hope the winter was productive for you, that you’re ready to take advantage of the warmer months and all they have to offer throughout this beautiful country, and that as the days continue to get longer they’re filled with more pleasure and peace.

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