Bright Dalmatinova

By , 05 Oct 2018, 08:37 AM Photo of the Month
Bright Dalmatinova ©xenia6

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Ljubljana is known for many things, but the focus of this post is part of its Art Nouveau / Secessionist architecture. The most famous examples of which, or at least the most photographed, are to be found on Miklošičeva ulica, including the Emporium building on the edge of Prešeren Square, Grand Union Hotel, and the red building opposite, known as Vurnik House or the Cooperative Business Bank building. 

But Miklošičeva isn’t the only street that rewards those interested in pre-WW1 architecture, when Slovenia was still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and this week’s photo of the week shows 3 Dalmatinova ulica, just a short walk away.

It comes from the lens of an old friend of TSN, xenia6, a photographer based in the capital who has a project called #ljubljanamylove, which can be enjoyed on Instagram. What’s more, for those in the city between October 5 and November 5 (2018) you can actually go offline and see a selection of xenia6’s best shots of the place she calls home at FLO Bistro, 5 Gornji trg at the end of the Old Town furthest from Dragon Bridge, going uphill from the square and just near a path to the Castle.

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