Old Photos: View from Hribarjevo Nabrežje, Before 1904

By , 10 Nov 2017, 14:26 PM Photo of the Month
Hribarjevo nabrežje before 1904 Hribarjevo nabrežje before 1904 Wikimedia

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The embankment wasn't always good for a stroll. 

We'll confess to scouring Wikipedia for new photos of our favourite city, and this image of Hribarjevo nabrežje (Hribar Embankment) before 1904 turned up today. It looks like it's taken from the corner of Prešeren Square, where there's now a large open-air café. The paved embankment that leads to Breg is missing, as are several familiar structures, like Plečnik's extension to the Slovenian Philharmonic building, with it's rippled façade echoing the river beside it, now housing the Solist bar. On the left of the picture, the south side of the river, you can see the building that's now home to the Lolita café and cake shop. Also notable is the lack of bridges.

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