Slovenian Govt Condemns Attack on US Capitol Building by Trump Mob

By , 07 Jan 2021, 12:15 PM Politics
Slovenian Govt Condemns Attack on US Capitol Building by Trump Mob Twitter

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STA, 7 January 2020 - Senior Slovenian officials expressed concern over the storming of the US Capitol building on Wednesday, with President Borut Pahor condemning what he called an "attack on the symbol of US democracy" and Prime Minister Janez Janša expressing the hope that the US democracy would overcome the crisis.

"I condemn the attack on the symbol of American democracy. I condemn every form of violence," President Pahor wrote in a written statement on Thursday.

"Politicians must be aware of the consequences of our actions with full responsibility. We must be unitive and not disruptive. We must encourage tolerance, not hatred," added Pahor.

"I trust in democracy and emphasize the importance of firmness of its institutions, including elections as a foundation of democracy," said Pahor, expressing his condolences to the leaders of both houses of Congress and the relatives of the victims of yesterday's violence.

He is confident "the strength and vitality of American democracy will overcome these challenges as well". He called for a peaceful transfer of power to President elect Joe Biden, who he expects will "reunite what is now a now deeply divided America".

Responding to the developments yesterday, PM Janša said "all should be very troubled by the violence taking place in Washington D.C.".

"We hope American democracy is resilient, deeply rooted and will overcome this crisis. Democracy presupposes peaceful protest, but violence and death threats - from Left or Right - are ALWAYS wrong," he wrote on Twitter in English.

Today, Foreign Ministry described the developments as shocking. "This was an unacceptable attack on the pillar of American democracy, institutions and rule of law," the ministry said in a written statement.

"Peaceful assembly is legitimate in democratic societies, while any violence or incitement to violence is abject. We deeply regret the loss of lives," said the ministry, calling for dialogue.

Calling the US a friendly nation and ally, the ministry said the US has a long and strong tradition of democracy and US Congress certified Joe Biden's election victory regardless of the violence.

"We are confident that the transition of power and the search for answers to broader social challenges will proceed with full adherence to the high democratic principles," the ministry said, adding it was looking forward to cooperating with the new US administration and resuming strategic cooperation at all levels.

Parliamentary Speaker Igor Zorčič described the events in Washington on Twitter as "a shameful attack on democracy that calls for a timely transition of power to the democratically elected president."

A fellow party member, Monika Gregorčič, speaking as the chair of the Foreign Policy Committee for the STA today, described the scenes seen in the US as an attack on the foundations of democracy.

She expressed concern as the idea at the root of democracy was being undermined in the "cradle of democracy", hoping for a peaceful transition of power to the president elect.

And Defence Minister Matej Tonin, writing on Twitter in English, said images coming from the US were "deeply worrying."

"Such events pose threat to core values in all democratic world. Each country which is founded on the rule of law must respect this principle. I firmly believe President-Elect [Joe Biden] can restore faith in the democratic process."

Several Slovenian members of the European Parliament also commented on the events on Twitter.

Ljudmila Novak (NSi/EPP) said President Donald Trump's were "dangerous", with the events showing that it is important what people say in public.

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