01 Aug 2018, 19:24 PM

Slovenia is slowly waking to the potential of abandoned gravel pit lakes. 

31 Jul 2018, 10:50 AM

Finish in 30 minutes or less and the meal is free. 

28 Jul 2018, 13:19 PM

STA, 28 July 2018 - Among the many tourists that visit Slovenia every year, an increasing number decide to go bear watching. In this potentially very dangerous undertaking, visitors must be accompanied by an experienced guide, usually a hunter. 

27 Jul 2018, 11:05 AM

But high taxes still deterring other budget airlines. 


26 Jul 2018, 13:44 PM

STA, 26 July 2018 - Snežnik Castle in southern Slovenia will turn into the Floating Castle for three days starting on Thursday, as more than 110 groups from 29 countries converge for the eponymous international festival of world music and performing arts. 

25 Jul 2018, 16:58 PM

How to fly like a eagle. 

24 Jul 2018, 10:22 AM

STA, 23 July 2018 - Tourism workers from Bela Krajina dismissed on Monday media reports about "an emergency state" in this south-eastern region which has been the main Balkan migration route entry point to Slovenia. They said that to their knowledge not a single incident had occurred so far and that visitor figures are on par with last year's and far above 2016. 

23 Jul 2018, 13:45 PM

STA, 22 July 2018 - The passenger terminal at Koper, Slovenia's sole maritime port, is seeing another busy season, having already welcomed 41 passenger ships with a total of 46,500 passengers on board this year. 

23 Jul 2018, 11:05 AM

The town offers more than memories of the First Lady. 

19 Jul 2018, 09:12 AM

Strip off and get your horns up by the river. 

17 Jul 2018, 13:27 PM

Another way to enjoy Slovenia 

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