Hail the Size of Oranges Falls in South Slovenia (Videos)

By , 12 Jun 2019, 09:00 AM News
Hail the Size of Oranges Falls in South Slovenia (Videos) Screenshot

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STA, 12 June 2019 - Storms with massive hail the size of oranges hit parts of south Slovenia late on Tuesday afternoon, damaging dozens of houses. Almost 90 local firefighting brigades were deployed yesterday and today to help locals.

The National Emergency Centre reported significant hail damage in the municipalities Kočevje and Črnomelj, with some damage also recorded in and around Ribnica and Sodražica.

About 130 buildings have been affected in Kočevje municipality where the large hail crushed roof tiles, according to the deputy civil protection commander Igor Kalinič.

Firefighters are already helping residents cover roofs on houses, Kalinič told the STA.

In Črnomelj municipality, over 50 buildings were damaged, mostly in villages in the Kolpa Valley, civil protection commander Jože Weiss told the STA.

An extreme weather system developed over south Slovenia and north Croatia yesterday as warm airmass from Africa collided with cooler air coming in from the Alps, creating dozens of storm cells.

The hailstorms come almost exactly a year after the region suffered massive hail damage, but preliminary estimates suggest the damage is not as bad as it was last year.

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