Luka & Ema the Most Popular Baby Names in Slovenia

By , 09 Jan 2020, 17:24 PM Lifestyle
Luka & Ema the Most Popular Baby Names in Slovenia Picture:; CC0-1.0

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The latest statistical data on baby names reveals the latest trends in Slovenia., and according to the Statistics Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, in the last full year for data is available, 2018, the most popular names were Luka for boys and Ema for girls.


The most common names in Slovenia, even if out of fashion for about half a century, remain Franc and Marija. On possible reasons for their perseverance, click here.


However, just a few years from now Franc’s leading position might be in trouble. Luka has been popular for several decades and, as we can see above, it doesn’t seem to be losing momentum. Luka already occupies the ninth place overall and it’s only a matter of time when Franc loses his throne.

After all, how many Lukas do you know, and how many Francs?

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