Slovenia’s Aging Population, in Graphic Form

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Slovenia’s Aging Population, in Graphic Form SURS

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“Demography is destiny” – Attributed to Auguste Comte 

October 04, 2018

Slovenia, like most other developed countries, has an aging population, and while we know that means more older people compared to younger ones, the actual demographic changes can be hard to grasp when set out in plain text, and even numbers lack the blunt impact of a good infographic.

We’re thus indebted, as so often to SURS, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, which has produced an informative animation from which the images that illustrate this story are drawn.

2018 - .jpg


This makes clear how the population pyramid will change from one that’s bottom heavy to top over the next few decades, and the dramatic changes that have already take place since 1971, when the data used begins.

While the snapshots shown above tell some of the story, to get the real impact it’s best to play around with the animation yourself, which can be done here.

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